Dayton Audio BSA-200 with 2x BST-300EX Bass Shaker Bundle

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The perfect package for adding that extra dimension to your sound system. With 2 large Dayton Audio BST-300EX bass shakers and the Dayton Audio BSA-200 bass shaker amplifier, this bundle has what you need to add some boom to your audio, video, or gaming system.

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2 Dayton Audio BST-300EX Bass Shakers each capable of 300 watts max

  • Dayton Audio BSA-200 amplifier with built in low pass filter provides plenty of power
  • Add incredible impact without distortion or absurd SPL levels
Dayton Audio BSA-200 Amp with 2 Dayton Audio BST-300EX Bass Shaker Bundle

With plenty of power to shake a couch or a couple of chairs, this transducer package can make any system seem to have earth shaking bass. Working on the principal that low bass is felt as much as heard. Bass shakers can easily give the impression of ridiculous amounts of low end without reaching offensive SPL levels. Meaning, you can feel the bass like never before, without annoying the neighbors.

With 2 large BST-300EX transducers you have plenty of flexibility for different mounting configurations.

The BSA-200 high power amplifier is designed and built specifically to power tactile transducers . Its small form factor makes it perfect for tight spaces, while the included brackets allow for vertical or horizontal mounting. The frequency and balance knobs let you dial in the desired crossover point and output, giving you total control over your set-up.

The Dayton Audio BSA-200 is rated at 110 watts RMS per channel into 2 ohms. In bridged mono mode, both amplifier channels are combined for high-power monaural output. The amplifier is rated at 230 watts RMS into a single 4 ohm load when bridged.

The BST-300EX is a powerful bass shaker designed for serious audio enthusiasts. With an impressive 300W of power, it delivers extreme bass that will immerse you in your favorite movies, games, and music. The inaudible operation ensures a seamless experience, while the easy mounting makes installation a breeze.
Key Features

  • Powerful and advanced bass shaker designed for serious home theaters, racing/gaming rigs, and car audio
  • Capable of handling 300 watts, offering more powerful bass
  • Highly efficient design providing great bass response at a reasonable price
  • Inaudible operation while providing large amounts of bass for an immersive experience
  • Easy mounting for quick setup

Additional information

Weight 16.55 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 12 × 8 in


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