2 ButtKicker BK-mini-LFE With Dayton Audio APA150 Bundle

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Add some real impact to your sim racing rig. With 2 ButtKicker BK-mini-LFE transducers bundled with a Dayton Audio APA150 amplifier with subwoofer crossover to power them, this package has what you need to add some serious kick right where you need it.

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Warning!!! This is the perfect bundle for sim racers to use on simulation rigs with software such as simvibe or SRS (Sim Racing Studio App). (requires the simvibe or SRS software which is not included). Some applications may require a preamp.


  • 2 ButtKicker BK-mini-LFE transducers provide the impact
  • Dayton Audio APA150 amplifier with built in subwoofer crossover provides plenty of power
  • Feel earth shaking bass from your music, videos, and games like the pros
  • Minimal distortion while enhancing the bass energy delivered from your stereo


Turn your home theater into a moving experience with this package, including 2 ButtKicker BK-mini-LFE transducers and a Dayton Audio APA150 amplifier with subwoofer crossover. Bass shakers can easily give the impression of ridiculous amounts of low end without reaching offensive SPL levels. Meaning, you can feel the bass like never before, without annoying the neighbors.

ButtKicker mini LFE

The 2 ButtKicker BK-mini-LFE transducers, each able to handle up to 250 watts, easily mount to any hard surface and transfer low frequency energy through whatever they are attached to. With 2 transducers you have tons of flexibility for different mounting configurations.

Dayton Audio APA150

The APA150 amplifier is capable of up to 2 x 75 watts @ 4 ohms and 150 watts bridged mono @ 8 ohm. Full-range line-level outputs allow for daisy chaining this amplifier to your subwoofer amplifier. An adjustable 50-150 Hz low pass crossover allows easy integration of the transducers into your existing system. Also included are auto-on/off, silent turn-off with no audible transient, gold plated RCA inputs/outputs, and 5-way binding posts.


*Speaker wire and mounting hardware is not included.

Additional information

Weight 19 lbs
Dimensions 22 × 8 × 8 in


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