Dayton Audio BSA-200 Amp with 2 ADX Maximus Tactile Bass Shakers Bundle

USD $ 359.99

Feel the bass sensation you have been missing. With 2 ADX Maximus transducers bundled with a Dayton Audio BSA-200 bass shaker amplifier to power them, this package has what you need to add some serious kick right where you need it.


Make your home theater a moving experience with this package, including 2 ADX Maximus tactile transducers and a Dayton Audio BSA-200 bass shaker amplifier. Working on the principal that low bass frequencies are felt as much as heard; bass shakers can easily give the impression of ridiculous amounts of low end without reaching offensive SPL levels. Meaning, you can feel the bass like never before, without annoying the neighbors. Chairs, stools, couches, or even a whole raised platform, this package has what it takes to feel the bass.

The design of the Maximus uses the latest technology and highest quality parts available. The housing is durable aluminum, which also functions as a finned heat sink that keeps the 3″ coil inside cool. Push button spring loaded wire terminals facilitate hooking up the Maximus when installed in a hard to reach area, such as under a couch or car seat. Connections are made to an amplifier just like an ordinary speaker, and the 4 ohm impedance offers many wiring/impedance options for running multiple Maximus bass transducers.

The Dayton Audio BSA-200 high power bass shaker amplifier is designed and built specifically to power tactile transducers but works equally as well as a dedicated subwoofer amplifier. Its small form factor makes it perfect for tight spaces, while the included brackets allow for vertical or horizontal mounting. The frequency and balance knobs let you dial in the desired crossover point and output, giving you total control over your set-up.

The Dayton Audio BSA-200 is rated at 110 watts RMS per channel into 2 ohms. In bridged mono mode, both amplifier channels are combined for high-power monaural output. The amplifier is rated at 230 watts RMS into a single 4 ohm load when bridged.

Additional information

Weight 13 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 12 × 8 in


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